Garage and Yard Sales

Having a Garage or Yard Sale

A permit is required in the City of Westland to hold a garage or yard sale per Chapter 26, Article VIII, Westland Code of Ordinances. 

The Yard Sale Permit Application (PDF) would need to be filled out completely and returned in person to the City Clerk's Office with the applicable fee.

Garage / Yard Sale Permit Fees

  • Individual homes, group, church or social, civic, or charitable organization:
    • First permit in a calendar year: $5.00
    • Subsequent permits (up to 3 subsequent permits): $6.00
  • Subdivision or condominium complex or association:
    • First permit in a calendar year: $27.00
    • Subsequent permits (one subsequent permit allowed): $37.00

Assigned permits numbers must be visible on all signage. Please refer to the sign ordinance, Ordinance 248, Article XV.

Garage / Yard Sale Signage Information

You must comply with all aspects of the City's Sign Ordinance, Chapter 26, Article XV, Westland Code of Ordinances, when using signs to advertise your sale.

Specific Restrictions

  • Signs shall not exceed six square feet in area, and shall not project more than five feet above the curb level of the property.
  • There shall not be more than a total of three signs per yard / garage sale, and no more than one sign per zoning lot.
  • Signs may only be placed on a lot after the permission of the property owner has been obtained.
  • No signs may be placed in a public right of way or public easement, or within three feet of any property line. 
  • No wall-mounted signs shall be permitted.
  • Signs may not be located on any zoning lot for more than four consecutive days nor more than a total of six days during any 90-day period.
  • The yard sale permit number received from the city clerk must be on all yard sale signs.
  • No yard sale sign may be illuminated.
  • All yard sale signs must be removed immediately following the conclusion of the yard sale.