Temporary Sales / Temporary Structures License

License Information

License for temporary sales, uses or special events and temporary buildings and structures.

For detailed information about this license please refer to Zoning Ordinance 110, Section 4.13

Application Fees

Business License applications are subject to multiple fees.  Fee types and prices are subject to change.

Fees for Temporary Sales / Temporary Structures License (PDF)


Required Documents and/or Approvals

  • Plot / sketch plan
  • Proof of ownership / written permission
  • Insurance
  • Performance guarantee or escrow
  • Written description of procedures for traffic/parking, waste disposal, security and similar measures
  • Written statement describing the requested use or event and the start and end dates
  • Copy of State permit and site plan - for fireworks
  • Building Department approval

Approval Instructions

  • As soon as the application is received by the city, the Building Department will contact you to set up an inspection.