Animal Licensing

There are many reasons to license your pet in the City of Westland. The two most important ones are:

  • If your pet is lost, the identification tag allows the City to notify you when the pet is found so that you can reunited.  The City Clerk's Office will never give out your personal information.  Staff will contact you directly.
  • It is a City Ordinance.

License Requirements

Pets must be licensed by the time they are four months old. If you are a new resident or if you acquire a new pet and it is after the March 1st deadline, the late fee will be waived. If you meet the previously stated two exceptions and if it is after August 31, the licensing fee will be cut in half to adjust for the partial calendar year and there will be no late fee.

Your pet must be licensed every year.

Pet's License & Fees

You may purchase your pet's license at the City Clerk's office and you can only have up to three pets per the City ordinance. The only requirement is that your pet must have a rabies certificate from a veterinarian's office showing the batch number of the serum used and for how many years the vaccination is valid.

The one year licenses, if purchased before March 1st, are:

  • Animal able to reproduce - $13.00
  • Animal not able to reproduce - $7.00

Three year licenses are also available:

  • Animal able to reproduce - $33.15
  • Animal not able to reproduce - $17.85

The late fee added for any license purchased after March 1st is $3.00 per license.  Replacement tags for lost license tags are available for $3.00 each.

Mail Request

If you are unable to purchase your license during normal business hours, you may purchase your license by mail.

Print the Animal License Application form (PDF) and include a copy of your pet's current rabies vaccination with your completed application and check or money order payable to the City of Westland.

Dog Attacks and Licensing

If you own a dog that has ever attacked, bitten or otherwise harmed another animal or human being in an unprovoked manner or has been determined a "dangerous or vicious animal" by a court of law, your dog must be tattooed or micro-chipped. You must show documentation of this from your veterinarian before your animal can be licensed.

Kennel License

Anyone keeping four or more dogs must obtain a kennel business license from the City of Westland.

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