Marijuana Business License-Renewal

License Information

For the licensing renewal of medical and adult-use marijuana businesses.

Before applying, review the Marijuana Business License Renewal Consideration Policy (PDF) and Chapter 27, Westland Code of Ordinances for more information.

Application Fees

Business License applications are subject to multiple fees.  Fee types and prices are subject to change.

Fees for Marijuana Business License/Renewal (PDF)

Required Documents and/or Approvals

Approval Instructions

  • Candidates shall submit the application and all accompanying documentation with the Selection Committee c/o the Planning Director. If Licensee misses the deadline for submission, their applications are deemed forfeited, which may be appealed as provided in this Article. If a License is otherwise valid and in good standing, then it will continue in force, subject to applicable laws, policies, terms and conditions, until a final decision by the City Council is made on the Renewal Application, provided that the Renewal Application was timely submitted with the appropriate fees.  Fees for renewals are in addition to fees for special land use approval, site plan review, certificates of occupancy, any inspections, and all other fees of general applicability. 
  • Renewals, along with all applicable supporting documents and approvals, shall be considered by the Selection Committee respectively. Based on the requirements of this Policy, the Selection Policy, the Ordinance, and review and comment from pertinent City departments, the Selection Committee shall recommend the approval or denial of the renewal on or before April 1st of each year. If approval is recommended, then the City Council shall make a final decision as provided in 2.10-2.13. The Committee shall notify the Licensee of its recommendation in writing and the date, time and method for the filing of appeals. The deadline to file an appeal shall be at least 10 business days from the date notice was sent. A Licensee who does not file a timely appeal waives the right to an appeal.