Building Department

Welcome to the Building Department

The Building Department is responsible for the administration of all laws, ordinances, and regulations concerning the construction, maintenance, and safetyBuilding Remodel of all buildings and equipment including:

  • Compliance with Zoning Laws
  • Electrical
  • Housing
  • Mechanical Trades
  • Plumbing

From residential construction projects, like decks and new homes, to large commercial projects all start with the Building Department's permitting process.  The Building Department is always happy to answer any questions you might have in order to help you navigate building codes and provide a safe and healthy structure in an efficient manner.

 For homeowners, the Building Department also has information sheets available to guide you through practically any project in your house.

Registration of Contractors and Builders

The Building Department requires that contractors, residential maintenance providers, and alteration contractors register with the City.  This allows the Building Department to better track the projects related to a particular business or person.  Additionally, this registration allows the use of our online Permitting Tool for submittal, payment, and processing of permits by the contractor or builder directly. 

Nationally Recognized Standards

Nationally recognized standards for enforcement have been adopted by the City: 

  • 2015 Michigan Building Code
  • 2015 Michigan Residential Code
  • 2015 Michigan Rehabilitation Code for Existing Buildings
  • 2015 Michigan Mechanical Code
  • 2015 Michigan Plumbing Code
  • 2017 Michigan Electrical Code