Plan Reviews

Submissions for Plan Reviews


Commercial plan submissions must include stamped and signed drawings (unless otherwise requested and approved in writing by the Building official). The submission must include the items in the accompanying Commercial Building Permit Application (PDF) in order to be accepted. Multi-family residential projects such as apartments and condominiums are considered commercial (R-2) and must meet commercial submission requirements. The following items must be included in the submittal:

  • Applications must be totally filled out – including all pertinent email addresses.
  • Two hard copies are required. They must be stapled into sets. The drawings can be no larger than 24” x 36” and no smaller than 8-1/2” x 11”. One hard copy is acceptable if the drawings are also submitted as a PDF.


All submissions for one and two-family houses are considered residential. The application must be filled out completely, including email addresses. These submissions do not require stamped/signed drawings unless they are for a new house with a total living area over 3,500 square feet. The following items must also be submitted:

  • All projects must include the contractor’s Residential Builders License number. 
  • All exterior projects must include a plot plan indicating the locations of the existing structures, location of work area, and all pertinent dimensions. 

Revisions – All revisions and addendums must be submitted with a Plan Revision Request Form (PDF).


A deposit of $43.00 administration fee plus the review fee will be collected when dropping off building permits needing plan examination.  The deposit will be subtracted from the total fee due for the Administration, Building permit, and Plan Examination/Review fee.

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