Development Incentives


Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (BRA)

Brownfield properties are those in which the redevelopment or reuse of the property may be complicated by the presence or perception of contamination.  Revitalizing and redeveloping these properties protects the environment, reuses existing infrastructure, minimizes urban sprawl and creates economic opportunities.

In order to successfully accomplish the redevelopment of a Brownfield Site, grant money is made available to see the revitalization of these sites.

Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Districts

Tax revenue collected from properties located in these districts are reinvested back into the district to stimulate economic opportunity.

Tax Exemptions and Abatements

  • Plant Rehabilitation Exemption
  • Industrial Facilities Exemption
  • Commercial Redevelopment Districts
  • Commercial Rehabilitation Districts

Municipal Assistance - Fast Track to Business Team

For new, expanding or relocating businesses, the city utilizes a Fast Track team to assist businesses in navigating the permitting process and help eliminate obstacles where possible.  

The Fast Track to Business Team consists of the Mayor, City Council President, Planning Director, Building Director, Chief Business Development Officer, Planning Commission Chairman, and Zoning Board of Appeals Chairman to help craft a development plan that will help expedite the approval process.

  • Site Location Assistance
  • Interactive GIS Mapping
  • Development Data
  • Marketing and Exposure Assistance through City Social Media

Regional Economic Development Resources