Downtown Development Authority


The Downtown Development District (DDA) promotes and facilitates plans that result in continued development, redevelopment, revitalization, and/or reuse of properties within the DDA district boundaries.

The Westland DDA was established in 1996 under Public Act 197 of the Public Acts of 1975 for the following purposes:

  • Attract new desirable commercial, office and entertainment development to the City.
  • Encourage opportunities for new development as means of enhancing business activities and preventing deterioration.
  • Improve the community's commercial tax base.
  • Create new and expanded employment opportunities for the residents of the City.
  • Make the DDA district more attractive and convenient for both residents and businesses.

Mission Statement

"The purpose of the Westland Downtown Development Authority is to bring about the redevelopment of the D.D.A. District by aggressively assisting existing business and recruiting new business opportunities. The Westland Downtown Development Authority will accomplish these objectives by providing business training, financing advice, design assistance, public relations and other support services.  The Westland Downtown Development Authority will act as a liaison between the business community and local government to represent the interest of the businesses in the District and create an environment for regional development. The development process will always keep in mind the needs of the businesses, residents and market demands by keeping an eye on the future"

For information about DDA meeting dates, the DDA Board, by-laws, how to join, and more, please visit the Downtown Development Authority Board page.

Central City Parkway Fall drone 2021 S
Flowers at Ford Rd
Farmers Market and Pond
Fruits and Vegetables at the Westland Farmers Market