Water and Sewer Division


The Water and Sewer Division is responsible for:

  • Cleaning of sanitary sewers and manholes
  • Fire hydrant repair
  • Maintenance and replacement of water gates and outside water shut offs
  • Pump station maintenance
  • Meter reading and repair
  • Staking of water and sewer service for Miss Dig
  • Water main repair
  • Water meter installation
  • Water tap installations

Where Our Water Comes From

Like most communities in southeast Michigan, the water-system-dropdown-thumbnail Opens in new windowCity receives its supply of fresh water from the Detroit River through the Great lakes Water Authority (GLWA).  The GLWA provides approximately 40% of Michigan's population with water, as well as effective and efficient wastewater services to nearly 30% of the state.

Visit the GLWA website for more information.

Water Quality Reports

A Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), which can be called an annual water quality report or a drinking water quality report, provides information on your local drinking water quality. Every community water supplier must provide an annual report by July 1st of each year to its customers, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Consumer Confidence Report Rule. 

The Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) Rule requires community water supplies to annually report to their customers on the quality of the drinking water and the sources of that water, and to characterize the risks (if any) from exposure to contaminants detected in the water.

View Most Recent Water Quality Report (PDF) | View All Water Quality Reports