Police Service Aide Program

Officers at a Police Department Booth at a Career FairAre you in school for a career in law enforcement? That is good, but why not start your career now! The Westland Police Service Aid (PSA) Program is an outstanding way to get experience toward becoming a police officer, and you can do it while earning your degree! This is an outstanding way to earn part-time money and help prepare you for a career in law enforcement with real hands-on experience at the same time.

The Position

The PSA position is an excellent first step for young men and women who are interested in a career in law enforcement and want to get a step up on the competition. Westland Police Department PSA's are commonly chosen for leadership roles in police academies due to their experience and commonly perform better than other candidates without service aid experience during their Field Training. This is because of the knowledge that they gain as service aids, which include communication skills, industry-specific computer skills, an understanding of the court process, and much, much more. Since 2013 the Westland Police Department employed 15 of our former PSA's as full-time police officers, and more than 35 others who have gone on to law enforcement careers elsewhere.

Application Prior to Degree

Many think that they need to wait until they are near completing their degrees before applying for a police service aid job. This could not be further from the truth! Students in their freshman, sophomore, and junior years benefit the most from the police service aid program, as there is a possibility to be sponsored through the police academy by the department after a minimum of 18 months of employment. Students who are further along are also welcome to apply and have used this program to their advantage.

Apply Today

If you are studying to become a police officer or any other closely related field, and have a part-time job that is not helping you achieve that goal, ask yourself why! Don't waste your time with other part-time jobs! Apply by emailing a resume and a letter of interest to PSA.