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911 Disability Awareness Form

  1. WLPD Badge
  2. City of Westland 911 Disability Awareness Registry

    The City of Westland Police Department 911 Disability Awareness Registry is used to help in identifying and assisting residents with disabilities and their families.

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  4. Information for the Person with the Disability
  5. Identification Worn?
  6. GPS Tracking Device Worn?
  7. Emergency Contact Information
  8. More Information About the Person with the Disability
  9. Authorization Agreement

    In the event of an emergency or disaster I hereby authorize the exchange of information between the Westland Police Department, Westland Fire Department and any public safety organization which the Westland Police Department seeks assistance from during the emergency situation. This is a volunteer program and any information provided can be rescinded by notifying the Westland Police Department at

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