Development Services


Welcome!  This is your one-stop-shop for all resources relating to the development process for any size project from concept through occupancy.  To maintain and further foster Westland's development, our development services are structured around the following categories:


The Building Department provides the information and expertise to assure that construction projects undertaken in the City are completed in a way that is compliant with all local, state, and federal codes and provides a safe and healthy environment for the residents, workers, and visitors of Westland.

Economic Development

Focuses on supporting commercial, industrial and new residential projects throughout the development and expansion process and deploys ongoing attraction and retention business development efforts.

Planning & Zoning

Exists to coordinate growth, provide reasonable and rational use of all land, and guide development and redevelopment in a way that maintains and strengthens the public health, safety, and general welfare in the City of Westland. The Planning & Zoning department guiding principles are the communities Zoning Ordinance and Comprehensive Master Plan.