Construction and Maintenance Division


The Construction and Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining city roads and right-a-ways. This includes:

  • Cleans, repairs and restores manholes and catch basins
  • Grading, applying chloride and the filling of dirt roads as well as filling potholes and sweeping paved streets)
  • Installs and maintains street/traffic signs
  • Mows roadside weeds
  • Paints crosswalks
  • Trims and removes trees in the right of way
  • Snow plowing and salting during winter.

County Roads

The City of Westland does not maintain the following county or any private roads.

  • Cherry Hill
  • Eckles
  • Farmington (between Ann Arbor Trail and Joy)
  • Ford
  • Hannan
  • Inkster
  • Joy
  • Merriman
  • Michigan Avenue
  • Middlebelt
  • Van Born
  • Venoy (except between Warren and Cowan)
  • Warren
  • Wayne


Potholes can pop up without warning. Help keep our local roads safe by letting us know when you spot a dangerous pothole. The City can only legally fix potholes on our local roads. To report a local pothole visit Report a Pothole.

Report a State or County pothole to:

Street Sweeping

The City of Westland performs street sweeping every year in order to help clean up the roads of debris for safer driving conditions and to make sure that water can drain properly from the roads.  Signs will be placed in the areas being swept prior to sweeping and will be removed when the route is complete.  For efficient sweeping, we ask that residents keep their vehicles off the street during the sweeping.  Check the City calendar for this year's street sweeping schedule.