The mission of the Personnel Department is to provide leadership in attracting and retaining quality professional staff as a key to providing effective service to our City residents..

The Personnel Department is responsible for the recruitment and retention of a professional, productive, and diverse work force. Our concern is that the process is fair and that each applicant be given equal opportunity for employment.

Civil Service

The Personnel Department assists the Westland Civil Service Commission in testing individuals as well as preparing and certifying lists of applicants who are eligible for positions in each of the City departments, with the exception of police officers and firefighters.  The City hires employees from these certified lists, which generally remain in effect for a period of two years. 

The Police and Fire Civil Service Commission manages the hiring of police officers and firefighters with the assist of the City Clerk's Office.

Additional Responsibilities 

In addition to these hiring responsibilities, the Personnel Department is also generally responsible for a number of administrative tasks outside of hiring and retention:

human resources welcoming
  • Administering health, dental, optical, and other contractual obligations for City Employees
  • Processing and administration of the City payroll
  • Administering workers' compensation for City employees
  • Administration of COBRA and unemployment benefits
  • Assisting departments with employee relations and the processing of union grievances
  • Development and implementation of employment policies, procedures, and work rules
  • Fiscal oversight of the Personnel Department budget
  • Maintenance of employee personnel files
  • Negotiation, administration, and implementation of union collective bargaining agreements
  • Other duties, as requested by the Mayor and City Council

Labor Relations

The City of Westland has a number of unions with bargaining unit contracts:

  • International Union of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)
  • City of Westland Supervisory Association, United Auto Workers (UAW)
  • Westland Lieutenants & Sergeants Association, Police Officers Association of Michigan (WPOAM) Lt & Sgt
  • Westland Police Officers Association, Police Officers Association of Michigan (WPOAM) Patrol
  • Western Wayne Professional Firefighters Union, International Association of Firefighters,  (WPFFU)
  • 18th District Court Workers Association, Police Officers Association of Michigan (DCPOAM)

Transparency in Coverage

As part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act 2021 (CAA) the federal agencies issued the requirements related to Surprise Billing and Transparency in Coverage.  The rules require group health plans and health insurance issuers to make publicly available information relative to members rights and protections against surprise medical bills and detail pricing information in machine-readable files (MRF's).

To view the No Surprises Act Notice, please visit Federal No Surprises Act | BCBSM.

To access the in-network provider negotiated rates for covered items and services (the "In-network Rate File") or the Historical payments to and billed charges from out-of-network providers (the "Allowed Amount File") machine-readable files, please visit Transparency in Coverage.


As part of their role in the City administration, the Chief Human Resource Officer acts as the administration's liaison with the: