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1. How do I apply for a job with the City?
2. How do I find information about job vacancies?
3. I retired from the City and have moved. How do I provide new contact information?
4. I have a questions regarding my health or dental insurance coverage?
5. I work for the City or retired from the City and need to update my life insurance beneficiary. How would I do that?
6. I have gotten married, had a baby, or need to remove an adult aged dependent from my insurance plan(s). How would I do that?
7. I am a City employee; a member of my family is ill and I need time off to care for him. What do I do?
8. I am a City employee and will need time off work due to a health condition. What do I need to do so that I may address my health condition?
9. As a City employee, how do I obtain a copy of my Union contract?
10. As an employee of the City, I would like to review my personnel file?
11. I work for the City and would like to enroll in a deferred compensation plan, who do I contact?
12. I have changed banks, how do I update my direct deposit information with Payroll?
13. I’ve gotten married, how do I change my income tax withholding?