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Hubbard Park


  1. Picnic Areas
  2. Play Structure

Hubbard Park, sits on 4 acres with the following amenities:

 Please take a few minutes to review the Park Picnic Shelter rules.

  1. The City of Westland park shelters will be made available for public use consistent with all State of Michigan statures, the City’s Charter and ordinances. Individuals who reserve shelters have exclusive use of the picnic tables in the shelter area only. Reservations do not include exclusive use of the park facilities including play structures, spray park or picnic tables throughout the park.
  2. Any group using any City of Westland park, field or facility for the purpose of political rallies or protests, fairs, festivals concerts or promotions must have prior approval from the department.
  3. Decorations can be tied by string or tape to the shelter, but need to be removed at the end of your party and disposed of.
  4. Renter will be responsible for general cleanup of the area used, including debris and depositing all trash in containers provided.
  5. Full renter fees must be received at the time of reservation. Permit will be issued at time of rental.
  6. Renter ay cancel 30 days prior to the event, a $20.00 processing fee will be held for any cancellation,
  7. Reservations start the second week of January for the season.
  8. Picnic canopies and tents are not allowed.
  9. Renter may not relocate other picnic tables from their assigned areas in the park.
  10. Live bands or loud music is not allowed.
  11. There are not refunds for inclement weather.
  12. There is no electricity available at any shelter.
  13. Inflatable Moonwalks / Bounce Houses are NOT permitted at any Westland Park.
  14. Pony rides are not allowed.
  15. No open flame devices are allowed. Portable propane grills and charcoal grills are allowed but not under the shelters.
  16. Vehicles are not allowed on any grass area or by the shelters.
  17. Alcohol (beer and wine) is allowed consistent with State of Michigan laws.
  18. Parks close at 10:00 p.m.