Where can I install a fence?

You may fence in the rear yard (back corner of home all the way around to the other back corner of the home) with up to a six foot high fence. Unless you have written permission from the neighbors, the fence must be wholly on your property, good side facing out. The City prefers that chain link fences be removed before installing a privacy fence. If it is going adjacent to a chain link fence it must be either two feet away or 6” up off the ground so that the area between the fences can be maintained. A side yard fence (at 4.5’ high maximum) would be allowed in a side yard if there is a side door to the home on that side or it is at a corner. It can go up to the front line of the home in that case. 

  • Front yards may be enclosed by split rail or ranch-type fences with no more than two rails, at a height above the grade of two adjoining lots of three feet, so long as the fence is constructed two or more feet from the sidewalk or front lot line, whichever is closest to the front building line. No fence shall be constructed along the side lot line of residential lots which have adjacent or abutting driveways unless a written approval, signed and notarized by the owners of each of the adjacent lots, is filed with the building department.
  • If a rear yard for one lot is a front yard for another lot than such rear yard fence is not allowed.
  • For corner lots a side yard fence shall be allowed along the side lot line on the street side of a corner lot, so long as it is not constructed between the front lot line and the front building line of the corner lot.

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