Will the Census be available in other languages?

Yes, the online survey will be offered in thirteen different languages, including English. You may also answer the questions by phone in English and 12 Non-English languages. Paper Census surveys will only be available in English and Spanish. Print and video language guides will be available in 59 Non-English languages, including American Sign Language, Braille, and large print.

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1. Who gets counted?
2. What is the Census?
3. Where can I be counted?
4. When is the Census?
5. Why do we have a Census?
6. What questions does the Census survey ask?
7. Will the Census be available in other languages?
8. Is the Census safe?
9. Can another government agency access my Census information?
10. How long does my information stay private?
11. Do I need a Social Security number to complete the Census?
12. What if I need help?