Can I put my regular garbage in the recycling bin?

No, the recycling bin is only for recycling materials. The City is charged additional costs if the recycling is contaminated with garbage.

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1. When did the curbside recycling program resume in Westland?
2. As a resident, what are some of the changes I need to know?
3. Why isn't glass being recycled?
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11. Can I put my regular garbage in the recycling bin?
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15. Is there a sticker available that I can attach to my recycle bin to remind me of what to recycle?
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21. Can I put my regular garbage in the recycling bin?
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34. What if all my trash does not fit into one bin on occasion?
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36. Can batteries be put in my recycle bin?
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39. How is compost picked up if we are going with an automated truck with arms?
40. What should I do with glass?
41. How do I get a move out quote?
42. Are Tetra Packs, used for protecting packages during shipping, recyclable through our Curbside Recycling Program?