Lock Boxes

Commercial Lock Boxes

Instant fire department access without damaging the door or building.  The Rapid Entry System is designed to help fire departments and businesses work together to preserve lives and property It eliminates the need for fire department officials to maintain and carry cumbersome key rings with hundreds of building keys.

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Residential Lock Boxes

The Westland Fire Department has lock boxes available for residents to purchase at a reduced price.  Having a lock box at your home has a number of benefits:

  • Can save your emergency responders valuable time. Your central dispatch can simply notify the responders that a lock box is in use.
  • Provides an alternative to forced entry. If a lock box is used, responders may not have to damage the senior’s home.
  • Provides peace of mind. Lock boxes are only accessible by authorized personnel in the event of an emergency, because only police/fire departments have keys that can open the lock boxes. Friends, family, and neighbors cannot use this system to access a home.

The lock  box is the Kidde Supra Max with door mount hanger and is available for $75.00 with installation.

To Order

The lock box is purchased through the Westland Fire Marshal's office and is installed for you by one of our staff.  You have a couple of options to order the lock box:

  • To pay by check, fill out our online form and have a check made payable to WFFPAC at time of installation.
  • To order and pay by credit card or PayPal, select the PayPal Checkout button below.
  • To order and pay by PayPal installments, select the Pay Later button below.