Mission Green Initiative


The Westland Mission: Green! initiative is a local program designed to promote sustainable living while also encouraging citizens to incorporate environmental best practices into their daily lives.  Every department within the City Administration has its part in this program.  From the Department of Public Service managing the City Recycling Center to the Police Department using E-85 Flex-fuel vehicles to the clerical staff at City Hall reducing and recycling the use of paper in their daily tasks, everyone has an impact on the sustainable future of the City.

As part of this initiative, the City reviews and implements programs that help promote the sustainable needs of the City and presents programs to its residents, like curbside recycling, so that residents can be part of this.  After all, it takes all of us to build a community and sustain it for our families to come.

Programs that are part of this initiative include:

  • Curbside recycling and the Recycling Center
  • Composting
  • Battery and clothing recycling
  • Smart energy use
  • Solar panel development
  • Street light modernization
  • Water conservation
  • Electric vehicle programs
  • Non-motorized transportation options
  • Reclamation of natural resources like the Lower Rouge River
  • and more to come...

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