Executive Team


The Mayor's Executive Team works collaboratively to enhance and maintain City services for the residents and businesses and drive the core goals of the City.  

  1. Michael J. Reddy

    Michael J. Reddy

    Chief of Staff

  1. Shannon Ackron

    Shannon Ackron

    Mayor's Executive Secretary

  1. Jacqueline Smith

    Jacqueline Smith

    Mayor's Administrative Secretary

  1. Stephani Field

    Stephani Field

    Chief Human Resource Officer

  1. Barb Marcum

    Barbara Schimmel Marcum

    Director of Senior Resources

  1. Doug Morton

    Doug Morton

    Water and Sewer Superintendent

  1. Paul Motz

    Paul Motz

    Director of Youth Assistance

  1. Kyle Mulligan

    Kyle Mulligan

    Parks and Recreation Director

  1. David Riley 150x224

    David Reilly

    Building Director

  1. Hassan Saab

    Hassan Saab

    Director of Neighborhood Services

  1. Steve Smith

    Steven Smith

    Chief Finance Officer and Treasurer

  1. Craig Welkenbach

    Craig Welkenbach

    Director of Community Media