Household Trash

What is Household Trash

General trash would be normal day to day refuse from a home. This does not include yard waste, large bulk items, or recyclables. Please visit those web pages for more information on those items. Trash of this type should be placed in your black City of Westland trash bin.

Where to Place your Trash Bin

All trash bins must be placed on the street side of any ditches or on the back of the curb. Please provide at least 4 feet of space between your trash bin, recycle bin, or yard waste containers/bags.

Holiday Trash Collection

If trash collection days falls within a holiday business week, the trash collection will be delayed by one day, on or after the holiday, for the rest of that week. The following official holiday dates, not City observed dates, that may impact trash collection are: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, and New Year's Day.

For example, Labor Day is a Monday so all trash pickup will be delayed for that week but Thanksgiving is a Thursday so only Thursday and Friday (the rest of the week) will be delayed.  Another example is if Christmas Day officially falls on a Sunday, but is observed by the City on Monday, all trash pickup would not be impacted since the actual holiday is on a weekend, not during the business week.

Need To Request Another Trash Bin

Additional trash bins are available for an annual fee. Visit the City of Westland Online Store to order additional bins or renew your current additional bins.

Trash Pick Up Schedule

Below is an interactive map of our trash and recycling schedule; you can locate your address by clicking the magnifying glass icon at the top of the map and typing in your address.  Trash pickup is from 7:00am - 7:00pm.

Service Requests

If your trash pickup was missed please report it by either:

If your trash bin (the black bin) was damaged during pickup, taken or need to be replaced please report it by either: