WLND / Community Media


The Department of Community Media produces video programming for WLND, the City of Westland's municipal access channel.  (Comcast - Channel 12, WOW - Channel 10, AT&T U-Verse Channel 99), with an average of 13 hours per month of original government access programs. 

Additionally, WLND assists in producing City marketing materials and produces still media and recordings of all major City events.  

WLND Westland

Social Media

The Department of Community Media uses social media platforms to reach more of the City's residents across as many platforms as possible.  This department actively manages the City's Twitter and Facebook accounts and helps produce content for the City's Instagram site.


Declared the nation's best government access facility by the Alliance for Community Media, WLND is also a recent recipient of the Philo T. Farnsworth Award. The "PHILO" is awarded in recognition of excellence in cable programming.

Original Programming

Some of WLND's original programming include:

  • City Council meetings
  • Planning Commission meetings
  • In the W
  • Westland Review with Mayor Kevin Coleman
  • Health Matters with Barb Marcum
  • Westland Report with Mayor Kevin Coleman
  • The Buzz
  • Spotlight On...
  • Law Day coverage
  • The Mayor's State of the City Address
  • An array of local sporting events
  • A variety of other programs pertaining to the Westland community and its local government

Please note that video copies of programs airing on WLND as well as digital photos seen on the City's website and Facebook are available to the public.