Community Development Citizens Advisory Committee

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Community Development Citizens Advisory Council (CDCAC)

The Community Development Citizens Advisory Committee (CDCAC) provides community input as to the use of the City of Westland's Community Development Block Grant funds, received through the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development.

The CDCAC is comprised of local organizations that express compassion for community development needs and activities.  Each CDCAC member organization selects one participant to attend meetings and assist in the advisory purpose of the CDCAC.  The meetings of the CDCAC are held in February, March, April and August.

The CDCAC includes one member from each member organization and 1 Mayoral "at-large" appointment.

 Don Nicholson  7/1/2020
 Henry Johnson  7/1/2020
 Mark Neal  7/1/2020
 Reasther Everett  7/1/2020
 Clarence Love (C)  7/1/2020
 Mel Tockstein  7/1/2020
 Steve Kay  7/1/2020
 Angie Mazurek (Alternate)  7/1/2020
 Arthur Warren   1/25/2021