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Assessment, Office Assessment (734) 467-3160
18th District , Court 18th District Court (734) 595-8720
LeBlanc, Richard City Clerk(734) 467-3185
OrdinanceNeighborhood Services Dept.(734) 713-3733
Nankin, Transit Authority(734) 729-2710
Pension Board, Police and Fire(734) 467-3265
Building, DepartmentBuilding and Planning(734) 467-3210
Engineering, Division Building and Planning(734) 467-3239
Thompson AICP, BruceDirector of Building and planning Building and Planning(734) 467-3210
CATV, Community RelationsCable(734) 467-3198
City, Council City Clerk(734) 467-3191
Zoning, Board of AppealsCity Clerk(734) 467-3186
Vital Records , Elections/City Clerk(734) 467-3187
City , Attorney City Clerk(248) 380-0000
Herzberg, PeterCity Council City Council(734) 467-3185
Kehrer, Michael City CouncilCity Council(734) 467-3185
Coleman, Kevin City CouncilCity Council(734) 467-3185
Johnson, Bill City CouncilCity Council(734) 467-3185
Hammons, AdamCity Council City Council(734) 467-3185
Cicirelli Bryant , Christine Pro Tem City CouncilCity Council(734) 467-3185