Neighborhood Services


Neighborhood and Animal Control Services

The City of Westland is excited to announce the launch of a new department called Neighborhood Services, which both replaces and enhances our traditional ordinance enforcement department. Staff in the new Neighborhood Services department will focus on resident education and customer service to ensure every neighborhood is safe, clean, and enjoyable for everyone.

To report a concern or ask a question relating to ordinance compliance please use our online "Neighborhood Services Helpdesk"  icon to the left.  If you have an animal care or control question or concern please use our online "Animal Care & Control" icon to the right.  In both instances, please fill out the required information and send the form. The report will be e-mailed to our entire Neighborhood Services department for immediate review 7 days a week.

Urgent matters and follow up on previous submissions may be discussed with the Neighborhood Services department at 734-713-3733.


Neighborhood Service Helpdesk 




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