Recycling Center




Recycling Center

The Recycling Center is located at 37137 Marquette Westland, MI 48185 behind the Department of Public Service building.  The recycling center is open Monday through Saturday between 9:00am – 5:00pm.  The recycling center is closed on Sundays and all recognized City holidays.

Our solar compactor allows for single stream recycling.  You may put cans (aluminum and tin), cardboard, glass, paper, and plastic (#1 - #7) in the compactor.  There is no need to separate the materials.  There is a list of acceptable materials next to the compactor if you are not sure if the materials you wish to recycle are accepted.  Please do not put non-accepted materials, such as wood or scrap metal, in the compactor. 

Also accepted for recycling are the following: 

Scrap metal is accepted in the scrap metal dumpster.

Used motor oil, antifreeze and transmission fluid.  You must leave the container that you transport the fluids in. 

Household batteries, including camera, hearing aid, lithium, and watch batteries are accepted at the recycle center. Please place all batteries in the battery bin.


The Recycling Center does not accept hazardous waste.  For hazardous waste disposal please contact the Wayne County Department of Public Service, Household Hazardous Waste Information Line at 734-326-3936.  

For more information on recycling see Wayne County Recycle Guide or DEQ Recycle Guide